What is a Nutritionist?

A degree qualified Nutritionist specialises in gathering specific information about their clients. We do ask you about what foods you like to eat, but we also look at family health history, both physically and mentally.
Many states of dis-ease can be affected by what foods we put in our bodies. From the moment we are conceived our health is somewhat laid out by genetics, and our food choices and habits may greatly increase or decrease our genetic predisposition.
A Holistic Nutritionist not only gathers information about foods for their clients, but builds the big picture from everyday stresses such as work, relationships and past traumas.
We also look at the habits of our clients, and how they may be affecting optimum health, such as regular movement, alcohol, addictions, environmental pollutants, toxic relationships, or a client’s core values about themselves. All these influences may massively impact their health in a negative way.
So as a Nutritionist, we know that it’s not ALL about food, and each person is unique and special. And that’s how we base our approach, and tailor our nutrition and lifestyle plans to suit each individual.
Like to find out more? I offer a free phone chat to see how nutrition with wholefoods can work for you.

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