Stretching: Why do we do it?

Improves your posture

Day to day stress is carried in posture, especially with societies dependence on technology, which leads to poor postural habits. Regular stretching of tension areas can help realign your posture, alleviate pain in trouble areas and prevent bad habits reforming.

Stress Relief

As mentioned above, we all carry stress in our posture. Stretching to help relieve the stress we carry physically can also have a calming effect on the mind, thereby reducing some of the mental and emotional strain that comes with stress.

Increases Flexibility

Regular stretching can help improve the range of motion and fluidity of movement in a joint. Tight muscles can restrict movement and cause motions to be stiff and sometimes painful. Due to the increased strength of the muscle at the joint, you may also notice increased muscle coordination.

Improved Sports Performance

Along with the benefits of increased flexibility, you may also notice an increased muscle stamina and endurance. With regular targeted stretching your muscles have an increased chance to delay the onset of fatigue, keeping you in the game for longer.

Injury Prevention

Stretching can help prevent acute injuries like sprains, strains and muscle tears. When you stretch you also increase blood circulation to the area, this allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered more effectively to the muscle.

Overall, stretching is a great thing for your body, as it can improve your muscle and joint health, as well as increase your quality of life.

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