What is Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)?

Solution Focused Therapy is a fantastic form of counselling which gives clients back their power and confidence in themselves.

SFT assists the client to evaluate what they would like to achieve in life and looks at steps they can take towards these. By looking forwards and finding solutions, the client is given a much more positive outlook. Concerns may seem less significant than they did to begin with and there is a feeling of hope and happiness.

There is a strong focus on positivity and working towards goals rather than looking at past issues or failures. Sometimes clients prefer to begin with general counselling to acknowledge and work through their negative thoughts and struggles before moving onto SFT to look at a positive future.

For clients who are stuck or feeling trapped in a particular situation, SFT can help them to think "outside the box" at other ways to cope with their feelings and not feel so weighed down by pressure.


What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

Have you ever been in a situation that has upset you or kept you awake at night that you feel is almost impossible to change yourself? Are you trying to deal with a situation which is upsetting but beyond your control because someone else is causing the problem?

CBT has a moto:- "If you can't change the situation, change how you think about it."

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a form of therapy which helps the client to change how they think about things. It changes unhealthy habits for healthy ones.

It is most commonly used for helping to treat anxiety and depression but can also be used for other issues.

The therapist will work with the client and ask questions such as "is that actually true, or just what I think about myself?" By getting a client to really think about their thoughts and the reason they feel that way, it can help them to see that they CAN regain control again for themselves.

The main focus of CBT is that a persons unhealthy thoughts, behaviours and feelings all come together to have an adverse influence on their quality of life which becomes very negative. By learning to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, clients begin to feel more confident in themselves.

Clients will need to actively participate in CBT with their therapist so it is important to build trust and rapport with the therapist from the start. They could be given some homework to do outside of therapy sessions and techniques to practice.


About Chloe The Counsellor & Life Coach

Chloe is an engaging and client-centred Counsellor who uses a solution-focused approach to counselling.

Chloe tailors each session according to her clients’ unique personal needs & provides a safe and non-judgemental setting for clients to discuss any challenges they may be facing.

Chloe assists clients to build their own 'set of tools', to increase confidence and make a meaningful change in their lives by using a range of counselling styles.

These include Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy.

Clients have the opportunity & support to explore their feelings, concerns & look at practical solutions to make positive changes.

Chloe is strongly committed to achieving optimal outcomes for her clients and can provide appointments both on a one to one basis, couples or parents with children to suit clients needs.

Chloes’ scope of service includes;

  • Overcoming anxiety and/or depression
    Children & Teens counselling
  • Relationship & Couples counselling
  • Improving family relationships and providing practical parenting assistance (including step-parenting)
  • Workplace Bullying and workplace related issues (including 'burn out')
  • Challenging negative thinking and procrastination
  • Life Coaching & Solution Focused Therapy
    Support for families with disabilities (including diagnosis support)

Chloe is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association. As such, Chloe adheres to the ACA’s professional code of conduct and professional development requirements. Thus, you can be assured of receiving high quality, professional care.