Nutritional Consultation

A nutritional consultation uses a clinical yet holistic approach, to improve and prevent many health conditions, allowing the healing qualities of food, and your body’s natural response to do the work.

Wholefoods offer nutritional balance for the day to day requirements of your body, plus the opportunity to repair, with optimum foods and lifestyle suggestions tailored to your individual needs.

Some of the health conditions include-

  • digestive complaints
  • fatigue
  • sleep issues
  • hormonal disorders-PMT
  • allergies
  • autoimmune diseases
  • type 2 diabetes
  • weight loss
  • cardiovascular disease

How does it work?

Initial Consultation..

Download a Client Information form before your consultation and return via email before consult or bring to initial consultation.

Complete a full health, dietary analysis & lifestyle assessment.

Create a plan of action to get you started on working towards your personal health goals.

Advice on what foods are best suited to you, achievable small changes, to help keep you on track.

Follow-up ..

Assess your progress and goals.

Provide guidance to overcome any challenges you may have faced.

Discuss any changes you would like to make and adjust your plan.


FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation

Find out how nutrition can work for you and your specific health concerns. Write down a few questions to get you started.

Nutritional Consultation - 75 minutes - $120

How we address nutritional balance:

  • Comprehensive dietary analysis and personal health history and lifestyle influences
  • Software dietary analysis of your daily foods to identify any deficiencies or imbalances
  • Establish a plan designed to suit your individual needs and your long-term goals
  • Bioimpendence analysis
  • Pathology testing if required

Follow-up Consultation - 30 minutes - $60

Touch-Base Consultation - 15 minutes - $30

  • Check in to review progress, and goals.
  • Adjust your plan if required.
  • Ongoing support via email will be available between appointments.


5 x 30 min Follow-up Consultations - $220

Personalised Meal Plans & Recipes

Your very own dietary needs mapped out with simple and delicious  recipes and meal plans to follow.

Price: $260 - 14 days

  • 2 weeks of Wholefood seasonal recipes tailored to your dietary requirements
  • Tips on food prep, shopping, how to store and reduce food waste in your kitchen

Wholefood Cooking Classes in your own home

Seasonal foods & recipes designed for your own personal health goals, needs and requirements, one on one, 2 hours guidance in the kitchen, including-

  • How to use a knife correctly
  • How to sharpen a knife
  • Basic vegetable cuts
  • How to make a stock from scratch
  • How to utilise leftover vegetables
  • What ingredients to have in your cupboard for easily prepared meals
  • Wholefood recipes to suit your personal dietary requirements

Price: $220-2 hours