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Meet Tara Sever – Australia certified Yoga teacher now offering yoga classes at Ellenbrook Essential Therapies

About Tara
I have studied & practiced mindfulness techniques like Meditation for 17 years.
I have a lot of experience working with groups and individuals.

I continue my studies in a field of Holistic Therapy & Yoga therapy.
I am interested in thought, psychology and practical use of mindfulness in daily life.

I have worked with many different people from very different backgrounds through years
My Yoga practice started 5 years ago after my hip injury. Severe and persistent pain in the hip vanished after my first Yoga class. Naturally, I was hooked. Since then I am exploring Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative & practice and I am studying Yoga therapy which is relatively new approach to Yoga.

Its emphasis is creation of yoga sequence that works on different problems in body and mind, like chronic illness, mind related conditions like depression, anxiety, injuries and posture problems.
I completed my Yoga Teacher training two years ago. I am devoted practitioner myself and I continue to discover beautiful practice of Yoga and its benefits. I am also interested in latest western scientific approach to Yoga.

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