Himalayan Salt Lamps
Some of the uses of the Himalayan Salt Lamps are:
It attracts humidity, its surface it moist.It reduces allergens and irritants in the air.It neutralizes the “electro-smog” in our homeProvides a soothing effect.Cleanses the air in our home, also doubling as a night lamp.It builds up ions.Increases the amount of negative ions in the room.Soaks up moisture present in the air.
The three main working principles of the Himalayan salt lamps are:
1. Ionization
As the lamp is heated, the salt absorbs water which later evaporates. This is how the lamp releases the ions. The salt forms a solution after getting in touch with the water molecules. Positively charged ions of Sodium and negatively charged ions of Chloride are released in the air which helps in reducing the allergens, pollutants and irritants in the air.
2. Electromagnetic oscillation
According to the Schuman resonance frequency, every form of life on Earth is attached to an electromagnetic field of vibration. Electronic equipment and industrialization expose us to artificial electromagnetic wavelengths. The atomic structure of a heated Himalayan Lamp is neutral so it regulates the artificial frequencies, and neutralizes the “electro-smog.”
3. Transparent-crystalline structure develops the light waves
Electromagnetic wavelengths provide new energy to the cells in our body. The light waves of the rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometers) are beneficial for our health. The wavelengths of the salt rock range between 600-700 nanometers. These are positive, calming waves.

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