What to expect at your first Nutrition Consult

Prior to your appointment I will send you a form to fill out, this contains relevant information about your health such as:

• Condition/s you are wanting to address
• Past and present medical history & any diagnosed conditions
• Family history of health
• Prescribed or over the counter medications
• Supplements
• Physical activity and relaxation
• Stressors such as work or relationships
• Long term goals you have for your health

This gives me an idea of the big picture before we go into further depth during the initial consultation.

During the nutrition consult I will ask you many questions that may seem irrelevant. As a natural practitioner, I look at all your body systems, as they all work together, and if one system is affected another may try to compensate, revealing other symptoms, as our body is constantly balancing and stabilising our internal environment.

Another important part of the nutrition consult is to get your feedback about what works for you. You may have a strict work schedule to stick to, or work from home, children etc.
So, your treatment plan will incorporate many aspects of your life, as I want you to have achievable and realistic wins, then we work towards the next challenge when you are ready. Success is in your hands, you direct the pace, and I give you the pathway to follow.

The small changes you make, set you up for positive long-term habits, that will become part of your daily routine, but the secret is, you make those choices and decisions to do so, as it’s your nutrition health journey, and it won’t work without you!

The other thing I love to chat about is poo! I will show you some lovely pictures from the Bristol Stool Scale to compare, as your poo can tell me many things about your health.
If this hasn’t scared you off by now, you may be ready to take that first step!

Sound nutrition is key in everyone’s life. By including a few simple changes along the way, the foods that you choose today, can lead you to feeling better tomorrow.

Do you need a personalised nutrition management plan?

I offer a range of different packages.

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