Dr Wayne

I was asked to provide a review based on my recent experiences with Dr Wayne, here it is:
I had been diagnosed and living with the pain of chronic Achilles Tendinitis for well over 1.5 years, probably longer. I had tried reducing my gym work load, substituting exercises that would inflame the Achilles, I had regular sessions of dry needling to release the calf muscles, performed calf strengthening exercises with the guidance of a physio (whom I regularly saw each week) and had been seen by a chiropractor on many many occasions. In that whole time I had had some minor relief, mainly from dry needling and ultrasound. After a physiotherapy appointment one day, I was disappointed with my progress and feeling overwhelmed with pain, I decided to venture to Ellenbrook Essential Therapies and ask what alternative approaches could be taken to assist my healing. The lovely receptionist recommended a “holistic” chiropractor, whom also performed kinesiology among other techniques I cannot remember. Although this alternative therapy approach sounded fluffy to me, I decided to give Dr Wayne a go as I had absolutely nothing to lose. He patiently listened to my story and asked many questions. Concentrating on my lower body, he tapped with his chiropractor tapping tool, pulled, stretched, prodded, and systematically asked me to push my limbs against his hand to test resistance. After a little while he concluded that my problems were potentially due to pelvis mis-alignment. I admit that the whole time Dr Wayne was performing his work, I did everything that was asked of me but I found it difficult to believe that this may assist in reducing my inflammation and pain. After the appointment I walked out of the building skeptical but the next morning, immediately out of bed, I can honestly say that I could walk instead of hobble with approximately 80% less pain. In one appointment with Dr Wayne, I had acquired the most significant pain relief than any improvements I had gained within the year and a half period prior. I have since had three follow ups and with each appointment I understand more of what is being performed and what we will have to do to manage other “sore spots” as they arise. This includes altering my ‘muscle memory’ which in my circumstance may take up to eight weeks and in future weeks I understand this will include correcting pelvis instability. It is the most positive outlook I have had in a long time and I absolutely recommend Ellenbrook Essential Therapies and Dr Wayne.
Kim Knight

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