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When the brain is fully integrated it works optimally for learning, behavioural & memory issues….so stress free learning.

ADD, Autism, Asperger’s visual and auditory processing, memory and behavioural issues are all related to brain processing, so if information going to the brain is not able to be transported along these fibres effectively, this is known as a loss of brain integration.

Often as a result of experiencing some kind of learning difficulty, mis-behaving, anti-social behaviour or withdrawal may result. Punishment may seem the solution but this can often be detrimental. If left unchecked, this loss of brain integration can quickly spiral into a destructive cycle with much wider ramifications.

First, there is the initial loss of brain integration (the cause). Then there is ‘punishment’ (or lack of reward) for not being able to do the ‘the thing’ that was expected of them.

As you would expect, at this point the child often tries harder to get it right, but may get frustrated by the situation because they simply can’t do what is expected of them, this in turn can cause them to become anxious as their sense of identity is being undermined – causing the child to go into self-preservation mode often seen as poor behaviour.

In children, kinesiology therapy may also help treat ADD/ADHD, behavioural problems, anxiety, speech and communication abilities, and sleep disorders. Kinesiology also address common issues such as bed wetting, stuttering, clumsiness, and build self-confidence in kids.

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