What is Deep Tissue Remedial Massage?

Deep tissue massage therapy is a more intensive massage technique used to release chronic muscle tension. We start by identifying the stiff or painful areas of the muscle and determining the quality and texture of the deeper layers of muscle. By using specific hand positions and strokes, your massage therapist will be able to respond to various tissue quality by employing slower strokes and more direct pressure or friction across the grain of muscle. Techniques incorporating breath and movement are also used for releasing muscle congestion and to leave you feeling invigorated.

Will Deep Tissue Remedial Massage Hurt?

A deep tissue remedial massage shouldn’t hurt, however if you are used to a gentler Swedish style massage, you will certainly notice the different between these two massage techniques. If you have areas of muscle tension (or knots), then the deep tissue hand movements might be slightly uncomfortable when treating those areas, but your massage therapist will work with you to ensure you are comfortable, their aim is for you to leave feeling invigorated.

What can deep tissue remedial massage be used to treat?

  • Muscle pain caused by poor posture, ie Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder pain
  • Any area of chronic muscle tension in the body
  • Tension caused by emotion stress or anxiety