What is Trigger Point Massage?

Trigger Point Massage is the practice of locating a tender area where the muscles have been damaged or acquired a re-occurring spasm, that worsens painfully when aggravated – this is called a trigger point. These spasms or ‘kinks’ are perpetuated by the nervous system where pain causes a spasm, and then a spasm causes pain, and so the cycle continues.
Spasms reduce blood flow, and reduced blood flow increases spasms. So the goal of trigger point massage is to increase blood flow to the affected area.
Your massage therapist will target your trigger points by performing a technique that involves applying pressure to this area for short bursts (between 10 to 30 seconds). This can be momentarily painful while the pressure is being applied, but the effect afterward should be greatly relieving.

What are the benefits of Trigger Point Massage?

  • Increased blood flow to the damaged muscle
  • Soothed muscles which leads to the reduction of pain
  • Relaxation of tightened muscles to relieve Chronic or acute pain