To start our story about Reiki we first need to understand how the health vs illness relationship works. The base for our health, physical & psychological well being is balance in our body, this so called Homoeostasis.

The state of Homoeostasis or Balance in our body and mind is often compromised as most of us live fast paced, even at times distressful lives, our diet is often not optimum, our environment may be polluted. The list goes on and on…

Reiki is the ancient healing system which can help to maintain our body and minds equilibrium, it is recognised as universal energy and innate intelligence. The Reiki session it is simple, yet powerful therapy.

The facilitator will gently lay there hands on different parts of client's body. During the session client may experience different sensations like warmth, tingling, flow of energies and so on.

It may also happened that some memories may arise in one's mind as result of clearing energy in the body and unconscious mind. So, the goal of the healing session is to balance the energy.

The healing of our body and mind will follow naturally. The healing session is deep sensory experience for facilitator and client alike, so the facilitator may help with some information & insights which will support healing process. The client may achieve greater clarity in the mind, mindfulness and he or she my suddenly see bigger picture or understand situation from different angle.

Reiki session is recommended for physical and or mental challenges, it can be great support in our personal growth and development and in challenging life situations.

After the session client feels more relaxed, harmonised and at peace. Reiki is great gift to humanity in those challenging times.

Laura White our qualified Remedial Massage Therapist also practices Reiki and next year will be a qualified Soft Tissue Occupational Therapist as well.